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Pictures of transit Aircraft that has flown into Pease INT, KPSM

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2006 Triennal Exercise-Pease International


The FAA mandates this full scale exercise of the Pease Airport Emergency Plan once every three years. It was conducted on May 13, 2006 from 6:30-Noon and all area police, fire and EMS will participate along with 5 area hospitals. The scene will be staged in such a way that it will not affect flight operations. The event takes about one year to plan and we would like to get everyone involved. Boston Maine has donated the use of an aircraft for the mock disaster

As you can tell the weather did not cooporate which made the exercise much harder to be as "real" as possible. Thanks to Andrew Pomeroy of PDA for giving me the opportunity to photograph this exercise.

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Spotting at other Airports


These are shots just from trying to catch aircraft at bases working the pattern.

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