2015 Great New England Air Show

2015 Great New England Air Show

May 16th and 17th kicked off the air show season for New England at Westover Reserve Base, home of the 439th AW. This would be Westover’s 75th Anniversary and having 2 major demo teams the crowds exceeded 375,000 for the weekend.

Not sure why we’ve been so unlucky with weather the last few shows in New England, back in 2012 at this show it was hazy, hot and humid with temps in the mid 90’s both days. This Friday’s media day and Sat had both clouds and very hazy skies making taking the pictures very challenging but all demo’s were allowed to do their high shows.

The show started off with some War bird flights and then a C-5 demo from the home wing. To witness the C-5 flying low and slow in the pattern is just amazing. Next up was Rob Holland in his Window World MXS-RH by MX Aircraft who is now in his 14th year as an air show pilot.

The CF-18 demo was next being piloted by Captain Denis "Cheech" Beaulieu, painted in a brand new theme commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The Canadian Snowbirds went up next putting all 9 aircraft through ballet like maneuvers. The Geico Skytypers took to the skies next in their SNJ-2 T-6 Texan’s. The Army’s Golden Knights followed the Skytypers. They couldn’t jump in the morning due to the low ceiling and were able to get off a jump as the skies lifted a bit. Local favorite Sean Tucker followed the Knights pulling amazing G’s and cutting ribbons at 3 points in front of the crowd.

Now my favorite demo was going up next, the F-22 Raptor! Words cannot describe the maneuvers this aircraft can pull. You’re pretty much always guaranteed some vapor as he’s pulling off his tight turns.

Fat Albert and The Blue Angels took over the field and put on an awesome show awing the crowd in their multi-ship maneuvers and also their opposing solo’s split second twists at show center.

I would like to thank the 439th PAO for allowing me access on Fri and to return Sat to capture this event.