104th History Flight


A pictorial of the record day for the 104th FW in the A-10 Warthog History books.

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BRAC Attack on New England


A visit to the New England Units showing what aircraft they fly and how BRAC will effect them.

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Bradley Open House, CT July 2005


Visit to the CT ANG open house on July 30th of 2005. Not much showed up for static which left their ramp pretty empty...

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Otis ANG Base, Cape Cod Mass July 2005

73-Otis Trip.jpg

Thanks to the PAO, Cliff MacDonald of 101FW for giving me a ramp tour. I'm hoping that the BRAC recommendation doesn't go through.

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Barnes ANGB, Westfield MA 2006


I was invited to spend the day on the ramp with MSGT Billy Midwood, Crewchief of 78-166. I can't thank him and the 104th enough for the opportunity.

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Otis ANG Base, Cape Cod 2006


Had the chance to go back to Otis ANGB when they received their F-15C from Kadena.

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NAS Brunswick Me


I had a base visit at N.A.S. Brunswick to capture some photos prior to BRAC moving the aircraft to NAS Jacksonville FL.

Thanks to the Men and Women of Naval Air Station Brunswick for their time and service.

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157th ARW refueling


A refueling flight aboard the NH ANG's 157th's KC-135R hooking up with "Rooster" flight of A-10 Warthogs of the 104th FW from the MA ANG.

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